Monday, March 31, 2008

with my english accent

We returned from our English vacation on Saturday. The trip was indeed a magical one and I'm so overwhelmed by what to write about first. So I think I'll try to do it over a few different posts. For this week's Eat Peas, I decided to write about the English roast dinners we had just about every night once we got to the country. London was a different story all together. Then there's Marston Magna and the Illingworth clan, staying in Minette Walters' cottage, many sheep and other animals, pasties and cider, Butter Boots, and more... I'll try to get to all or most of them over the next few days. For now, there's the bit on English roasts. And photos—all 800 or so of them. Enjoy :-)

England 2008 - London

England 2008 - Dorset


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