Saturday, March 01, 2008

on a jet plane

Well, Col's gone. I just dropped him off at the airport and when I got back, I felt as empty and quiet as the apartment I was coming home to. He used to travel a lot more, but I guess I'm out of the practice of having him gone for long bits at a time. This is one of his Asia trips, when he goes to visit a bunch of his vendors and manufacturers. Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. I asked him to get me some tea from Taipei. They have nice tea there apparently. And maybe he'll bring me some more funky socks and leggings from that shop in Hong Kong with all the teenage girls.

While he's off working night and day and eating strange, fishy delicacies, I will be finding my way back to me. This is my time to resurface as an individual. I will focus on my own priorities and be reminded of what it's like to breath on a single plane. It is a very good thing to do. And I am happy to have the chance.

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