Wednesday, March 05, 2008

hot house of inspiration

I just happened upon this lovely little print in my bedroom. It's a handkerchief that Col brought back for me on one of his trips to Asia. I've been meaning to do something with it, so I put it in a pile of things I wanted to do something with, and there it's been gathering dust for months and months. Here, I'm passing it on to you...

What's her story—that porcelain lady—swathed in a riot of colorful silk color and wispy wisteria? She's a mother, perhaps. She is Nature. She is Imagination—awakened from her winter lull—leading us to to the garden of Inspiration. Hot house, more like. It is Vermont in March, after all. Yes, we awake slowly to spring around here. So here. Here's a seedling to add to your hot house—a beautiful image to inspire you today.


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