Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the beginning, and a sofa

Some of the first things I moved into the new place were my two Simon Pearce goblets from Hannah and my collection of wine from the basement. Kind of random, but also very sophisticated, don't you think? It's all part of the new me: homeowner, grown up, and loving it. There. Now the place feels a little more homey and elegant—we can start tackling the gritty stuff.

We started moving on Monday after a fabulous long weekend in Nantucket. (I'll have to write more on that later.) Monday was somewhat hopeless. We moved two chairs and a picture of a cucumber. We were exhausted.

Last night was better. We managed to get through and pack up almost our entire attic of sporting goods, which included 10 snowboards, 7 large boxes filled with winter jackets and gear, 2 golf bags, 2 pairs of skis, 1 bin of Christmas ornaments, a skateboard, helmet, and other various items... Now it's all sitting in our living room ready to be transported. That's the un-fun part.

Oh, and we finally agreed on a sofa, which we ordered along with a matching chair from the Burlington Furniture Company, and which will arrive—God willing—in 3 to 4 weeks. Yay!

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Unknown said...

So happy that you mentioned Simon Pearce and to hear that you're settling into a new home. I wouldn't have found an old friend otherwise! I love Simon Pearce and am working with the company in the Central territory, based in Milwaukee. Was in Burlington over the weekend and miss it terribly.
Love your site and glad to hear that you're happy. Ann Wood

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