Wednesday, July 09, 2008

stale--or fabulous?

Papa e-mailed Hannah and me tonight to tell us that our blogs are stale. Poop. I know. The irony being that the state of my blog is inversely proportional to the state of my life: Stale blog = Pretty freakin' great life (who has the time to write?). So now that things have settled down, here's a little color from the past coupla weeks. It was tough to choose just a few highlights:

Colin and I went to the market, packed a picnic and spent a sunny Sunday afternoon down on the waterfront with each other—and a bottle of wine. We discovered some great new cheeses and we took the time to breath and remind ourselves why we love this town so much. It was the first time I had been to the waterfront in over a year.

Then, I went to Florida.

I went with my parents to visit Mama Sonia (my grandmother) in Winterpark. I was so glad to be able to see her for a few days. The first day we got there, she wasn't feeling very well at all and I was discouraged. But towards the end of our visit, she was almost her old self again and quite chipper. I couldn't stop crying when I said goodbye. But I don't think she saw.

Mama Sonia gets tired a lot these days. While we were there, she napped a lot, so Mummy, Papa and I would go to Park Avenue and blow off some steam. Here's a chocolate mousse that Mummy and I had one day at 310 (yes, the same place of the infamous doggy doo incident last year). It was 90 degrees out, but we still sat outside—we were so fed up with freezing air conditioning at that point.

We got back to Burlington the night of July 4th and Colin picked us up from the airport. All of a sudden I was home and it was as though the whole week hadn't happened. July 4th hadn't happened—I missed the entire celebration. Florida was only in memories. And yet, Burlington seemed kind of distant too. I was a little messy in my head. Colin and I walked into town so I could ground myself. It was 10 at night, but good old Leunig's was still serving dinner, so I got a salad (they have the best grilled tofu in the world there). Colin got his favorite cheese plate. And we both ordered some sauvignon blanc to take the edge off a hot night. I was feeling myself again.

Then, we woke up and it was Emi's birthday weekend and all a blur. On Saturday, we went to their pool—it turned into a pool party. We all got some color and relaxation. Then we went home and got ready for a surprise birthday dinner!

Emi and Kev came to our house beforehand, so we could give her gifts and have yummy raspberry fizzy drinks on the porch. She got moulah and Chanel lip gloss from mummy & papa. A Tiffany charm bracelet from her two favorite sisters (we started her off with a "Sister" charm!). A summer full of musical fun from Col (he gave her a bunch of CDs). And tickets to the Feist concert at Shelburne Museum the next day with the whole gang, sans Poopy :-(

After gifts, we went to Trattoria Delia for a very special dinner with friends. I think Emi had a really good time.

The next day, I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen making potato salad, three-bean salad, lemon cream and other goodies for a picnic. We headed to Shelburne Museum around 6 and enjoyed one of the best summer evenings so far, a delicious picnic with friends and an awesome concert with Juana Molina and Feist.

In between all of this, we've been diligently tying up all the loose ends with the new place. Our closing is happening in less than two weeks. I'm still crossing my fingers; I think it's really going to happen!

Papa, since you were wondering—we were hoping you could help us with this crack in the plaster:




Hanushka said...

YAY! My turquoise plaid blanket!

Unknown said...

Who's wearing a pretty green dress from Tuti, Park Avenue?? I haven't come down to earth yet, I'm feeling extremely disjointed:( Your birthday weekend sounds simply wonderful!

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