Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There once was a plane to Nantucket
With white leather seats like big buckets.
Some kids rode that plane,
Gurgling flutes of champagne,
And landed bubbly and sunny in Nantucket.

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Unknown said...

In response:

There was an old maid from Nantucket
Who put all her clams in a bucket
There she hoped them to save
But there came a big wave
And discharged all those clams in Nantucket

The kids on the plane to Nantucket
Arrived in a state of 'kerplucket'
When asked to explain
The cause of their game
They clinquee(d) les verres in Nantucket

There was a young maid from Australia
Who painted her bum like a dahlia
The colour was right
And the size was just right
But the smell of the thing was a failure

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