Thursday, April 26, 2007

eventful week

  • I finished my Designing Media for the Web last night at Champlain College. My final project was to design a personal flash Web site. I decided to try a redo of Penelope Post. There are some kinks I'm trying to iron out and some loose ends to tie up. But for now, I'm letting the whole thing rest. Give me html any day. Still, I'm quite proud of how much I was able to accomplish after just one semester.

  • I signed up for my five year reunion at Middlebury College, which takes place in June. I'm not sure why I did. But I'm a sucker for nostalgia and I guess it'll be fun to see all those people I haven't seen in half a decade and probably won't see again until the next reunion.

  • I went snowboarding in my t-shirt on Sunday. Col and I went to Stowe. I swear it was 70 degrees up there and so sunny. What's more, it was pretty quiet, so we didn't have to wait in any lines. Colin tried to teach me how to butter, but I just fell on my face. I guess I'll miss riding now that the spring's here. But for now, on to surfing!

  • Speaking of snowboarding and Colin, he got offered a new job at Burton, so we'll be staying put! He's going to be a Product Manager for men's outerwear and Special Make-Up. I just know he's going to be great. And now we can all stop crying.

  • I potted some plants, which are all looking pretty wilty at this point, and set up my new self-watering window box that Col got me for my birthday! Hopefully this new contraption will help me become a successful gardener. For all of my efforts and devotion, I don't understand why all of the plants I own end up dying. Boo hoo.

  • Now I know it's officially spring. My feet are undergoing the blister phase that occurs every year when you whip out your summer sandals (it's worse when you walk to work every day!). I'm sporting 5 bandaids--all of which are on my heels. And my my new shoes have been christened with the few necessary drops of blood. Ouch.

  • That's all for now; it's ony Thursday.

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