Sunday, April 01, 2007

mini egg shortage?

Is it just me or are Cadbury Mini Eggs impossible to find? Am I going about this all wrong? Is there something everybody else knows that I don't?

In the last two or three years, I've noticed a palpable shortage of my favorite candy crusted chocolates that's impossible to ignore. Sure, they're the best Easter candy around. Everybody wants them. But wouldn't you think Hersheys would just make more to supply for the demand?

I'm talking real shortage here. At first I thought it was a joke. I tried all of the local grocery stores and pharmacies--Brooks, City Market, Shaw's, Hannaford's, Price Chopper. Nothing. Not even a sign to say, "Sorry, we're out of mini eggs, come back tomorrow." Nothing.

Maybe we were the victims of a conspiracy. Col hypothesized that it was all a part of Hershey's new marketing scheme to stop selling the the large 11 oz. bags so that people would be forced to buy a gazillion of the little 69 cent pouches with 10 mini eggs inside in order to fill one bowl. I wasn't so sure about that--even the small pouches were scarce.

This was a devastating blow. But I had another idea: I would buy them online. I found them at and was moments away from buying a 42 oz. bag that, including shipping, would have cost over $20. Thank God I had slight misgivings and clicked the cancel button at the last second.

Mini eggs are as basic to Easter as candy canes are to Christmas. Did I really have to go to these extreme measures for some mini eggs?

Today, Col and I decided to try Kmart as a last resort. They had a huge selection of pastel colored Easter candy, baskets, eggs--everything you'd ever need to build your own--and an even larger selection of pre-fab baskets. But no mini eggs.

But wait! As we were about to leave, Col spotted out of corner of his eye, a shiny purple package.

"Look!" There, hidden under the Kisses and jelly beans were six remnant bags of Mini Eggs. What's more, they were on sale--2 bags for $4. Col lunged through a crowd of eager candy buyers to snatch them up.

We bought all six bags. Now my Easter is complete. And who cares if we don't eat them all? We can sell what's left on the Black Market to the poor souls who showed up at Kmart after we did.


Gotham Bill said...

You aren't alone. In 2009 I notice the same shortage (went everywere, no eggs :) - it might have to do with timing (maybe they aren't rolled-out as early as Peeps and the other chocolate rabbit junk. In any event, I found some at my local Rite-Aid just under my nose; while all others (Duane Reed, Walgreens, and K-Mart included) were barren of the wonderful eggs. So I bought 5 bags, and am now down to 2.5. Ever wonder why these eggs rock so hard? I think it's the crunchy candy shell with infused vanilla and then the yummy milk chocolate, which seems naturally cool (like an Ice Cube chocolate, try keeping them in the freezer - that's fun too).

Unknown said...

I have been looking absolutely everywhere for them this year. What is the deal? I haven't had one yet and Easter is almost here!!

Kimber said...

Amen. I know, you wrote this like two years ago--but in wondering the same thing, year after year, I googled "cadbury mini egg shortage" and what do you know, we aren't the only ones wondering what's up with that. Apparently it's all over the country, every year. I think I'm going to order a truck full next year, and sell them on the corner!

Fighting Popes said...

Just got back from a failed trip in search of mini eggs at three places. One didn't even have an empty spot where they should have been. Very frustrating.

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