Wednesday, January 02, 2008

before I go to bed...

I really thought I'd get my rhythm back over vacation, but every time I went to open my computer, I got a funny feeling in my tummy. So I'd closed it right back up again. I think I just really needed a break from everything. I swear I have lots of pictures from Christmas and figgy pudding (the table cloth actually caught on fire this time!). From our fancy dinner the other night and other things, but for now they're locked up in my computer till I can get my power cord fixed.

In general though, we had a really great couple of weeks. Got LOTS of riding in. I think I'm actually way better than when the season started. We built another kicker in my parents backyard and welcomed in the New Year on our snowboards! Then yesterday, we went to Jay with Emi & Kevin and there was so much powder everywhere, I couldn't stop giggling and yelling yippee!!

Hannah's in town and she, Emi, Kevin and Elisa just came over for dinner. That was nice. Think I'll go to bed now.

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