Thursday, January 03, 2008

it's soup weather

That's what my tummy was telling me today. When everything's diets, and weight loss, and new year's resolutions, I'm just craving something to fill me up and warm my hands while I hold the bowl. I watch the translucent tender tips of my fingers gradually turn from white to hot red then deep purply blue. Bruised like ice. That's what happens to my fingers when it's cold. They turn to crinkled golden raisins. Bloodless and empty.

That's what happens to my belly too. And the best remedy is hot, hearty soup. And fast. That's when I like to whip up this tortellini soup. The best part is that you can keep most of these ingredients on hand in your pantry for a rainy (or snowy day) and whip up the whole shebang in about 15 minutes. Boil about 4 cups of broth and add some cheese tortellini. Cook it till tender. Then add two chopped tomatoes (in mid-winter, I like to add a can of diced tomatoes, no salt added) and a can of drained, rinsed cannellini beans. Heat through. Remove the soup from the stove and add 1/2 coup of chopped basil. Tonight I added a bunch of chopped fresh spinach too. Chopped garlic. A couple splashes of balsamic vinegar (or any vinegar you have on hand). Serve up in a bowl and garnish with some freshly grated parmesan cheese. That's it!

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