Thursday, January 31, 2008

owl shadows

I saw the owl today.
He was facing the other way—his back to me.
Silently he peered beyond where my eyes couldn't see.
Higher and higher,
I beckoned him this way, quietly.
I gave up too quickly, perhaps.
He wasn't looking at me,
But I knew he sensed my stare.
For as soon as I circled round
Just a few moments later,
He was gone from his high-in-the-sky perch—
That old gnarly tree in the swamp.
And I immediately felt—
Too little too late—
That I had wasted a perfectly good acquaintance.
My one chance to speak with the owl one on one,


1 comment:

Unknown said...

You gave up too quickly, yes, and you presumed too quickly, too. He'll come back, and you'll come back, and the opportunity will come again to renew old friendships, just see if it doesn't. And when it does, you'll remember...

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