Sunday, January 20, 2008

good ol' '07

Aside from the Gershwin and the figgy pudding, I feel like I never gave December the full attention it deserved in my post-party holiday redux—partly because I was just too busy getting ready for the next thing. So finally here are some clips (in picture) and highlights from one of the best end-of-years to date. It's never too late to write thank you notes either, by the way. (I started mine today.)

It snowed a lot in December:

One Sunday night it snowed and snowed and snowed, so we walked into town and met up with Chip & Susan at the Daily Planet. It was so cozy and warm and so many people were out and about despite (or perhaps because of!) the weather.

We had a lovely holiday party at EatingWell. Here's my favorite picture from the night of Mike, our art director, wearing a snowman vest for the occasion:

After Christmas, Hannah flew into town from California. Emma, Hannah and I put on an extravagent fancy dinner for 6 (Kevin, Colin and Vanessa were the other guests). Hannah posed by the fire. This picture was a mishap, but I still like it:

The dinner theme was Italian. Em really outdid herself with this melon ball and goat cheese course:

After dinner, we girls had one of our notorious dance parties around the Christmas tree while the boys did the dishes.

Then we wound up back in Newport for New Year's. We spent the evening building a snowboard jump in the back yard. It was fierce. Hannah got some good pictures of it. Now the question remains: How will 2008 ever measure up?


Unknown said...

With a bigger bonfire, a much bigger jump, and a hugely bigger amount of brandy for the figgy pudding, and far less busy-ness, so we can all take time to enjoy one another and the moment! Onward and upward! Love, Maman xxx

Unknown said...

By the way, Good ol' has the apostrophe after the 'l' not before the 'o'. It means it's taking the place of the missing 'd'! Anything else important that you need to know, simply ask!

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