Saturday, January 12, 2008

a card from mama sonia

I got a card from my grandmother today. It was a holiday card from Mama Sonia. A Christmas card on January 12. I can't remember exactly when it was that things changed. Used to be, Mama Sonia never forgot a birthday or holiday; never sent a card out late. She was always on time. And it's sad to say, but at a certain point, her cards were just something we'd come to expect and take for granted.

The first time Mama Sonia forgot my birthday, I was devastated. Not so much that she'd forgotten mine, but that she remembered both my sisters that year. I thought that meant she loved them more. What a silly girl! Eventually, she would forget them all. Not just mine.

And yet, today I got a card. It was from Mama Sonia, but the hand-writing was my father's. He's down there visiting her right now. He must have helped her write the cards. Address the envelopes. I imagine it meant the world to her; she's probably been so bummed that she couldn't do it herself. But there he was in the nick of time--my dad--to help her get those cards out.

I opened the envelope just now, and I think I gasped out loud. Today's card meant way more to me than all of those on-time-cards that I've received in years past. It was a surprising reminder of how much she and he mean to me. It was a glimpse into their intimate relationship that I've never really known or understood. There weren't a lot of words, but it was enough to say, "Everything's okay, for now."


Steven Hazen Williams said...

I remember when my grandmother first forgot my birthday... and then christmas... and then every holiday until christmas year before last. which was right before she passed... I still have the card on my fridge.

Unknown said...

Understanding with your heart as well as your mind indicates deep spiritual maturity in you. May you continue to open your heart-eyes to the understanding of others, in their deep hour of need. Maman xxx

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