Thursday, March 26, 2009

state of things

It's been an interesting week so far in the Wall/Alger household.

Burton had budget cuts yesterday. That means that some people—some friends—were let go. And other people—the ones who survived—were given pay cuts, including Col. We were reading the story last night on Transworld. Burton made a lot of smaller cuts to save jobs. Jake and Donna even gave up their salaries for the rest of the year to drive home that point.

Despite the fact that Col still has a job, we felt sad and sick to our stomach at the news. You escape something like that, while others don't, and you can't help but feel a sense of guilt. You feel like it's your job to do something, to try and make things better. But you can't. It's no sense thinking, "What if it had have been me?" but that's where your mind goes and then it's a downward spiral.

Still, we're so thankful right now.

Today, Transworld ran another story on Burton. This time, it was a little more uplifting. Guess who the article's about? That's right, my boy Col. Check it out: BEHIND THE LINES: Burton Men’s Outerwear. They had interviewed him about the upcoming collections a while back and just released the story. Weird timing, huh?

Any-who. I hope the weekend's more mellow. We're going down to Peru, Vermont to visit our Auntie Lucy and Uncle John. Maybe take a few last runs of the season at Stratton. Maybe visit old stomping grounds like the Vermont Country Store and Mother Myricks. Mmm. Sounds nice.


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