Thursday, May 03, 2007


I added a new painting to my Web site. Well, new to the Web site -- not new to me. I created it a few years ago during a prolific moment. It's one of my favorites that I've done. This painting, called Cyclorama, was actually at one point shaped like a true cyclorama, with the two short ends fastened together. The landscape was on the inside, and on the outside (the other side of the paper) was painted a purple dusk sky with inky black clouds. Approaching the wavering paper cylinder, you would first see the somber sky, and then you would notice -- because the paper was unevenly cut on the edge -- a lively, glowing scene rolling in and out of view. If you got close enough to look over the rolly polly hills of sky and down into the circular scene, you'd see acrobats diving though the air. Palm trees waving their tippy tops in the warm breeze. Flying elephants. Bright lights and bugs buzzing around in them. My professor at the time called the piece nostalgic. A self-defining moment, I should say. It was a happy place, with movement and dreams.

Sadly, the cyclorama kept getting smushed in my small apartment. There was no good place to display it properly. So, I had to take it a part and lay it flat in a frame in order to preserve its quality. At that point, I had to decide: which side faces up? Which side do I show and which side do I hide? Which side is more important? Dark, stormy sky or summer evening fantasy? I chose the people side. Make sense? I couldn't imagine stifling their dance behind a black matte.

I'm glad I chose that side, too. It still has plenty of movement, despite the shape-change, and is now hanging in my living room. All the little people dancing out at me every day.

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