Tuesday, May 29, 2007

day off porch pictures

I took the day off today before I start my new job tomorrow at EatingWell. I planned to get a lot done around the house, but it's just so nice out, I've been content to sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful weather and kitty company. Here are some pictures (Au Lait likes to get in all the shots--what a prima donna!).

There's our neighbors' pool and downtown Burlington in the distance. And our new table and chairs that Heather gave us (now we can eat dinner outside!) and Au Lait's potted Cat Grass on the floor. She absolutely loves it. My rosemary and lettuce seem to be doing very well in the self-watering window box. Go figure. The other potted plants that rely on me, the ones that together make my make-shift garden, well, they need a little help. It's slow-going right now. Not enough sun maybe?

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