Saturday, May 12, 2007

making the most of being alone

What's the difference between alone and loneliness? It's all in your attitude. When you're used to always being around people and stimuli, it's hard to feel comfortable in your own skin. I think it happens a lot in this day and age. But, as much as I love being around people and having a social life, I've learned that my alone-time is really the best time to refuel and develop myself as an individual.

The trick to loving your loneliness is to make the experience as romantic, spontaneous, and sexy as possible. Sometimes it helps to pretend you're in a movie (think Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face), but don't you dare turn on the television as a distraction; T.V. is the number one killer of romance.

When I'm alone, I like to pretend I'm Audrey Hepburn. I'll pull my hair back in a tight pony-tail, put on skinny black pants and a tight, pretty top. I'll put on some French music--Charles Aznavour or Francoise Hardy--and let it saturate the apartment and float out the open windows. I'll dance around my bedroom or sit out on the porch with sunglasses, hot coffee, and a good book or magazine. I'll write in my journal or water my plants. These are things you can do when you're alone. When you're alone, you're on your own schedule. You can wake up on a Saturday morning and do whatever you want to do. Spontaneity is a key ingredient to romance.

* * * * *

I'm alone this weekend (Colin is out of town on a surfing trip) and I'm having a good time. The farmer's market opened today in downtown Burlington. I woke up this morning, did my Audrey Hepburn thing, and then walked down to see what goodies I could find during my favorite summer Saturday excursion.

The first farmer's market doesn't offer much in terms of produce, but I did find asparagus and farm fresh eggs for lunch (Mmm, maybe I'll make a quiche?). I walked by the multitude of multi-ethnic food stalls. There's a Bosnian vendor this year in addition to the Indian, Nepalese, Mexican... But I wouldn't be tempted; I already knew what I wanted for breakfast: a stuffed croissant from David the baker.

I always ask him, "Do you have veggie today?" Today he did: asparagus, artichoke, cream cheese, and wild leeks that his friend had given him. Holy cow. "I'll take it!" I said.

I picked up some unusual spiky flowers for my mother (can't remember the name!) and I was on my way.

En route to picking up some tickets for the Cabaret show tonight, I bumped into my good old friend Jewel and her husband Aaron. That's the ultimate in spontaneity and romance--bumping into old friends at the market. I showed them my purchases and Jewel invited me to her place next week to try some of her wild leek and asparagus quiche.

I just can't get enough of springtime! And my ultimate alone-time-morning.

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