Thursday, May 31, 2007

letting my mind relax

My mind is in a muddle right now. I'm trying to write and think. I'm trying to pack my bag in my head (I'm going away for the weekend for my college reunion--what the heck am I supposed to bring to one of those?). I'm trying to watch Bullets Over Broadway at the same time and all I can hear is high-falutin' lipstick laughter and "hi, hi, hi, hi--charmed, charmed, charmed."

Remember when I said the other day that "I've finally arrived"? Well, now I can truly say that I have. I started my job at EatingWell yesterday. So far, I love it. I got to edit a couple of articles for the web--one about the health benefits of coffee (score!) and one about tips for being healthy at work. I got to create a nutrition image library and build some web pages. It's definitely fun, but really busy. My one fear is that my personal writing and reflections may lose out a little bit while my mind tries to adjust. I hope not, but right now, I think I just want to go to bed.

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Hanushka said...

It's okay to let ppost rest for a while, as long as you call me to tell me what's up! You've been very diligent for months now, take a break and focus on getting settled.

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