Wednesday, July 25, 2007

posture perfect

I'm practicing my posture. That means that every time I walk from here to there, I try to pretend that I'm Pollyana playing the glad game. I walk as though a hundred winds float at my nape. Well, I try to. That's when I'm upright. Even I concede: sitting straight is a different challenge altogether.

Good posture is a very difficult thing. It takes lots of energy and a good attitude. But isn't it oh-so-important?

Imagine if the whole world of people walked with an ever-upward altitude and an effortless smile like Fred Astaire with his jovial gait. Imagine how we'd look at each other then.

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Allison said...

I recommend sitting on one of those inflatable exercise balls at work to improve your sitting posture. I've been doing it for months, and while my posture was always good before that, now it's phenomenal! I actually get comments on it all the time.

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