Monday, July 23, 2007

where does your soul find calm?

Where do you go to loosen the stiffness of the day?
To cool the heat of hot summer,
Let it wash over your shoulders like a wave,
Roll with the heft of the perfectly circular world
Down your spine.

Where do you let the breeze kiss
The down of your hand,
Touch it with the softness of air, and sift
Down to the lush ground
Like sugar into a mixing bowl?

Where do you drift--
Meandering like an approximate river in the sand?

On this day I wander through streets and aisles.
Allow my spirit to chime into this riff that has become
My commune's anthem--
Scuffling sidewalks, rut-a-tut drums,
Warm mellow voices. I fall into it all
Like a listless child.

It's as quiet as Monday eve, and
I'm as quiet as a mug of warm almond milk
With nutmeg and saffron just before sleep...

What's in my head now? Misty thoughts. Hazy remnants of angst, now quaint and mild.

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