Saturday, July 07, 2007

so much in a year

In a couple of days, P.Post will be a year old. Only a year? It's hard to believe that so many thoughts and ramblings could squeeze into such a short period of time. That so much could change. In fact, when I started P.Post just a mere twelve months ago, the original intent was to write a fashion blog. Can you believe it? Looking back, I've barely touched upon the subject. But I won't say fashion is irrelevant to my ultimate cause, which is to see beauty in the world, or to find it if it's missing. To pay homage to this wonderful life by making the effort to live it fully and richly. Beauty manifests itself in many ways, I've found. Friendship, food, community, culture, art, literature, questions, optimism, and yes, even fashion sometimes.

Today, beauty is on my windowsill.

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Hanushka said...

what a lovely sight, I've set it as my background picture. And what an wonderful vision you posess, to be able to reflect on the beauty you've seen over a year. It is truly an inspiration.

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