Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spencer, our friend

Spencer called yesterday. That's our friend from New York. What does he like?

"He likes McDonald's," Colin says.

What else?

"He likes taking pictures of people around the world. He likes music. He likes movies. And he likes laughing. And he loves his girlfriend, Courtney." We love her too.

Why do we love Spencer?

"Because he's nice," I say. "And because he makes me laugh and because he's curious and likes to show us neat things in the city and take us to good restaurants."

"And because he's a true friend," Colin adds. "He cares. He helps me out in need. And can laugh at himself." (Remember, fruit basket weekend).

Here's a poem by Colin for Spencer:

Short, built, and funny
Looking, that is,
Spencer's our friend
Who knows what life is:

Sometimes serious, but mostly
A joke.

Spencer, thanks for keeping us stoked.

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