Thursday, July 05, 2007

hello girls

I haven't talked about the girls yet, have I? The cows, that is. The lovely ladies grazing alongside Route 7 on the expansive, honey-hued fields of Shelburne and Charlotte. I have a new pleasure on my morning commute and it looks just like a Sabra Field print. I watch these mellow gals as they stroll along enjoying life. It's an inspiration to behold. Some days, when I'm feeling especially exuberant, I'll roll down my windows and yell out to them, "Hello girls!" just as my sister used to do to the Jerseys back at Town Farm Dairy in Simsbury, Connecticut. "Come on, Girls!" she would yell in sing-song intonation. And they would come--the perfect sorority. Dependable. Loving. Sisterly. Motherly. And Giving.

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Hanushka said...

It reminds me of Em & Kev's wedding last summer, when the cows sauntered by behind them, as if on cue... I'll bet Em had someone hidden in the field somewhere with candy. What kind of candy do cows like?

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